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July 22, 2013
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"Alright, ___, pick from the hat" Slenderman told you, as one of his tentacle (thingies... xD) handed you the tophat. You looked down at the hat and groaned.

"Do I have to?" You whined, shaking the hat in her hand, stirring the items around inside it. Slenderman nodded, arms crossed. "___, you know you're the only girl here besides Jane.. and let's face it, Jane hates everything" The tall, faceless man said, making Jeff laugh.

"What are you laughing at? She hates you more than anything." Slenderman sneered at the teen. Jeff pouted, and you laughed at him.

You reached into the hat and quickly retracted your hands. "Dammit, Jeff!" You hissed in pain. You automatically knew he was the one that put the knife in it. Jeff laughed, maniacally "Hey, so does this mean I get to go to the closet!?" He asked, with a psycho killer look. Slenderman turned to look at you, worried.

"I didn't PULL it out, it just stabbed me, you ass!" You growled at Jeff and moved the knife out of the way so you could pull out a rubberband. You blinked and mumbled "Oookay then.." You stood up and walked to the closet, leaning against the wall once you got in there.

You heard someone come in and shut the door behind them. You slowly slid down the wall and sat there, letting your eyes adjust to the darkness. "Hello?" You called out, shifting slightly. You blinked and squinted a little, seeing a blue mask.

"Ohh, hi Jack!" You smiled, and saw him wave from the other side of the closet. You giggled a bit at this. You had to admit you were pretty damn glad you got him; he was calm, somewhat sane, and pretty cute too~

"Is your hand okay..?" He asked, quietly. You scooted closer to the masked man and nodded, "Yeah, it was a pretty dull knife" You said, smiling at him again. He nodded slightly, and looked down a bit. It was a little awkward, but Jack didn't ever really talk much to you before so you weren't expecting much.

"Why a rubberband?" You asked, tilting you head slightly. He shrugged and said "I found it on the floor.." He muttered, and you giggled again. He looked up at you and actually let out a small laugh. You were a bit surprised!

You smiled to yourself and layed your head against the wall, closing your eyes, contently. You heard some shuffing in the closet and opened her eyes, looking back around the closet. "Hmm?" You mumbled and moved just a bit,  pressing yourself against Jack. You didn't really wonder about why he had moved so close to you.

"Ah! Sorry, Jack.." You apologized, and looked up to see he had pushed his mask up and was smirking down at you. You blushed lightly, seeing that look on his face. "Uh, J-jack?" You stuttered, scooting back against the wall, allowing him to pin you to it.

You squeaked as he started kissing down your neck. You gripped the back of his jacket and made a few small noises, but that wasn't enough for him. He started sucking and nipping at your sweet spot making you moan his name out. He smirked in delight and mentally fought with himself about whether or not he should bite.

He did bite, very roughly too. You whimpered pitifully, but started moaning very loudly when he soothed the bite wound. "Ah, Jaaack~" You moaned, grinding your hips against him, earning a growl of pleasure from Jack.

He pulled back from your neck and stared at you (not that you could really tell). You gasped for breath and panted softly. "Wh-why are you.." You were just a bit lost for words at the moment. Jack snickered and tilted your chin up. "I like you, ___" He said, softly before leaning in and kissing you, deeply.

Your eyes were wide and you slowly melted into the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck, pulling him closer. As you to were kissing Eyeless Jack pulled you back from the wall and trailed his hands up the back of you shirt. He pulled back from the kiss, and lifted you shirt off, revealing a lacy [F/C] bra. You blushed darker and quickly looked the other way to avoid eye contact.

He grabbed your chin and turned you back to look at him, directly. He had that smirk on his face again that made your knees turn into jello. "No need to be shy" He said, softly and leaned in, kissing you again. You moaned softly intp the kiss as he started fondling your breasts. Jack slipped his tongue into your mouth and explored every inch, incouraging your tongue to join.

You two fought for dominance for a bit, but he obviously won. Jack pulled back from your mouth, leaving a strand of saliva connecting you two. Your blush got darker and you gained a bit of confidence; you reached up his charcoal colored hoodoe and felt his well toned body. He groaned and stiffened a bit, but then relaxed under your touch. He pulled his hoodie off over his head and you smiled at him.

"Jack, can I.." You reached up and gently grabbed his mask. He stiffened yet again, but nodded none-the-less. You pulled it off and gasped. You always figured from his name that he was eyeless, so it didn't really suprise you, but he had a really cute face, and you could now clearly see his razor sharp teeth. He took your reaction as that of shock or horror and hung his head a bit, sadly.

Your heart melted seeing this and you pulled him into another kiss, clearly catching his attention because he gasped and tensed up. You took that oppurtunity to slip your tongue into his mouth this time. He groaned in pleasure and gripped your waist tighter. After a moment you pulled back and smiled sweetly at the cannibal.

"You're so cute, Jack.." You said, running your fingers through his auburn hair. He was a bit taken back from that, and said "You're not scared..?" He asked, still a bit afraid the answer would be yes.. You frowned and shook your head. "I'd never be afraid of you, Jack!" You said, sternly, making him smile happily. You layed your head on his shoulder... "I love you.." You heard him say.

You felt butterflies in your stomach and squealed internally to yourself. "I love you too.." You admitted, and he smirked that devilish smirk yet again. He reached behind you and with a flick of his finger your bra came off. You gasped and tried to cover yourself, but was quickly stopped by Jack. While Jack was staring at your figure you reached up, tracing your hands down his chest and lower. He groaned and grabbed your hands as they reached to unzip his pants, stopping you. "Hm?" You tilted your head, confused.

He leaned close to your ear, making you shiver "You first" he said, lustifully. You whimpered as he nibbled on your ear before trailing kisses down your neck and chest. "J-jack!" You squeaked in surprise as he stuck his hand down your pants and started rubbing your heat through your panties. While you were moaning Jack sneaked his hand inside your panties and started rubbing  your womanhood more. By now you were gasping, moaning and squirming with pleasure while Jack continued rubbing you, relentlessly. "You're so wet, ___" He chuckled next to your ear, watching as you gasped for breath, face red as a brick.

You let out a small shreik as Jack inserted a digit into you. "Ah! Jack!!" You held onto his shoulders and buried your head in the crook of his neck since by now you were nearly screaming. Your moans and cries of pleasure were muffled against his skin and Jack added another finger, thrusting his digits faster into you. You were trembling and could feel your release about to wash over. "J-jack, I'm gonna.." You whimpered and Jack stopped abruptly. You looked up at him, shocked and a bit angered by his decision. Jack chuckled at your reaction and pulled your pants off, your panties soon followed.

"J-JAACK!!" You cried out as he slipped his tongue into your opening. You layed back as he continued to tease your entrance, arching your back and slipping your legs around his head. Jack held your thigh to keep your leg open, giving him better access to you. He pulled his tongue out and sucked on your clit, roughly, earning a scream of pleasure from you. "OH, GOD!" You cried out. He grinned and slipped his wet muscle back into you, tasting all of your juices and searching for that certain spot inside of you that could make you scream even louder than before.

"JAAACKKK!!!" You screamed so loud, he would be surprised if everyone in the house didn't hear it. He grinned to himself, feeling victorious as he thrusted his tongue into you a few more times before you cried out, reaching your climax. Your back arched more, and you legs tightened around his head. Jack lapped up all of your juices, and pulled back. You layed there, face flushed, a little sweaty and panting. You whimpered his name softly, and he smiled down at you. He handed you your clothes and ordered you to get dressed.

You whined, feeling a bit depressed that he didn't... well, you know. Jack put his hoodie and mask back on, quickly. You got dressed and right as you finished putting your top on Jeff swung the door open, camera in hand. "... Dammit, you guys suck!" He whined, throwing the camera behind his back, hitting poor lil Masky. Jeff laughed as Masky groaned, rubbing his head. Eyeless Jack pushed Jeff out of the way and helped you to your feet; which by the way.. were not cooperating. You could barely walk so Jack picked you up bridal style. You blushed softly as you hearda few "awws" and wolf whistles from the room. Jack sat down on the couch with you in his lap.

You nuzzled against Jack's chest and smiled contently. He lifted his mask slightly and leaned down to whisper in your ear "We'll continue this tonight, ___" He said, licking the shell of your ear and you whimpered softly. You felt those butterflies in your stomach again! "When I take your virginity.. it's not going to be in a closet" He finished, leaning back against the couch. He grinned as your face went full on red!! You sure as hell could not wait for tonight! ;D
This may actually be worse than my Hoodie lemon. :'D
Oh, well. ;v; Enjoy ya pervs.

I said I'd post an Eyeless Jack lemon and I DON'T GO BACK ON MY WORD!! :la:
Gah, I've never tried this hard on a lemon AND IT'S STILL AWFUL I'M SO SORRY.
I'm gonna just stop writing now afdkjgds
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don't poke anyone's eyes out with that
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I'm glad you like my horrible jokes XD
TheSuperNarwhal Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014  Student General Artist
I usually don't comment on lemons.... B-but this one. was r-really good... why do I read these if I get flustered easily. I must be sexually fustrated or something... >//////<
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