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August 10, 2013
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(Contains: sexual themes)
You yawned and laid back against the sofa, only to have your cheek poked by none
other than the bloody faced killer himself. Jeff snickered and tossed the hat full
of various items onto your lap. You glanced down at it with a blank expression then
looked back at Jeff. "'The fuck ya want?" You asked, bluntly.

"You agreed to play 30 minutes in heaven with us, remember?" He said,
tilting his head in a psychopathic way when he drew out the last word. You rolled
your eyes at him and pulled a small bandana like piece of cloth. You stared at it
for a moment before sitting up, nearly kicking Jeff in the face. "Hey! Watch it!!"
He said, scooting back away from you. You smirked down at him, and stuck the fabric
into you shirt.

Jeff stared at you with a disturbed look. "What? Girls put everything in their
bras, idiot," She said, coldly. Slenderman scoffed and let out a chuckle, while
Jeff crossed his arms, pouting. You laughed slightly and walked over to the closet,
having it closed from behind you. You figured Slenderman used one of his tentacles
to close it since you heard no one behind you. "Wait, who'd I get?" You questioned,
taking a step forward, and pressing against somebody's chest.

They must have walked in while you were arguing with Jeffery. You felt the person
jump and move away. "S-sorry!" You muttered, stepping back yourself. "I-it's okay,"
You heard from the other corner of the closet. His voice was familiar, but you were
pretty new so you couldn't put your finger on who it was.. "It's p-pretty small in
here, anyway.." He finished, and you smiled to yourself. All the stuttering, and
that cute, slightly muffled voice.

"Masky!" You squealed and hugged him, and he jumped in surprise yet again, but
hugged back once he relaxed. "H-hi, ____" He stuttered, holding you closer to him
and smiling softly under his mask. You pulled your arms back and clapped your hands
with an adorable little smile plastered on your face.

"I'm so glad I got you!" You admitted, looking up at the masked man. He blushed at
your remark, but you obviously couldn't see it. You couldn't help it, Masky was
adorable! You were a pretty tough person to all the other members, but Masky was
always so sweet to you since the day you had joined. He brought out a softer side
to you, and you loved it.

"I w-was really hoping you'd g-get me, ___" He managed to stutter out, playing with
the zipper on his hoodie, nervously. You blinked and then blushed, realizing that
he actually wanted to play this game so he could get in the closet with you. You
thought they had forced him into doing this stupid game and he just had to go along
with it. He was a pretty passive person after all..

You smiled, happily and wrapped your arms around his waist, seemingly surprising
him because he tensed up, slightly. You nuzzled your head into his jacket and
quietly muttered "You're so cute, Masky," burying your head into his chest deeper.
You felt him relax as he put his arms around you and stroked your soft [H/C] hair.
"_-___.." You heard the masked man mumble, and pulled back from the hug to look up
at him. He had raised his mask just above his lips and you could see a smirk
plastered onto the proxy's face.

"Ma-" You were cut off abruptly by Masky's lips on yours. Your eyes widened in
surprise and you moaned softly as you felt his tongue slip past your lips and into
your mouth. You clutched his jacket a bit tightly as he urged your tongue to play.
After a few moments of fighting for dominance Masky won and you moaned softly
against his lips.

A few more minutes of making out went by and Masky pulled back, staring at you with
passion filled eyes. You stood there panting slightly, a soft pink blush on your
face, and your lips plump from the heated make out session. You looked.. well, very
sexy. Masky leaned down, kissing your neck, gently. You whimpered a tiny bit, and
turned your head to the side, giving Masky better access.

"Ohh.." You moaned out as he bit down on your neck, softly. Masky pushed you
against the wall, and put his hands on your waist, rubbing your sides gently. You
let out more cries and moans as he trailed kisses down your neck to your collarbone,
then to your chest. He pulled back and let out a low groan. You blinked, confused.

"Wh-what's wrong?" You asked, confused. Masky looked up at you and reached into
your bra, making you squeak out in shock. He pulled out the bandana like cloth you
had stuck between your breasts earlier for safe keeping. You tilted your head at
him with a cute confused look and Masky couldn't help but give you a little peck on
the lips. He put the small fabric around your head, covering your eyes with it. You
shook your head slightly, but complied as he tied it into a knot on the back of
your head.

You figured he didn't want you to see him without a mask, and your thoughts were
confirmed as you heard the mask hit the floor. You didn't mind wearing the
blindfold all that much, but you were really curious to what he looked like and why
he kept his identity so secretive. Your thoughts were cut short as you shivered,
feeling a cold breeze when Masky removed you shirt, revealing your lacy [F/C] bra.
"D-damn.." You heard Masky say huskily and he started kneading your breasts,

You giggled at his reaction, then gradually started moaning again. Masky reached
behind you and fumbled with the bra strap. He was obviously new to all this and you
quickly helped him out, ridding yourself of the bra as Masky threw it to a random
corner in the small room. He leaned down, sucking on your breast as his right hand
fondled the other one, quite roughly.

"M-maskyy~" You moaned, throwing your head back. Masky looked up at you and seeing
you squirm and writhe in pleasure only made it that much harder to not fuck you
right then and there. He had to be rational though; you were in a closet.. not to
mention he had no idea when they'd be opening the door. Masky's thoughts were
brought to an end when he heard you cry out for more.

His eyes widened and he lost control. He leaned down and started unzipping your
pants, while you tugged his tan jacket off, feeling up and down his body and
smiling as he shivered and moaned at your touch.

"Masky," You moaned, hotly, making Masky shudder slightly. He pulled your jeans off
quickly, and smirked when seeing how wet you were. You whimpered and squirmed as he
rubbed your core through your panties with his index finger. You bit your lip
softly when Masky had slipped his hand into the lacey fabric and rubbed circles
around your clit, making you grip his forearms for support.

You gasped for breath and waves of pleasure coursed through you as he inserted one
finger, then another. You buried your head in Masky's neck and moaned his name
multiple times. Masky watched you, his mind completely clouded by lust because of
all the noises you were making. The blindfold only made it seem more hot and dirty.
His eyes widened slightly when you let out a shrill scream.

"MASKY!!" You cried out as he found the sweet spot inside of you.Masky smirked,
devilishly to himself and continued to pump his finger harder and faster over
that spot. You buried your head back into his neck and moaned his name, loudly.
Though the sounds were muffled, you wouldn't be surprised if the members outside
heard it. Masky pulled his fingers out and smiled softly at you. "M-masky.. can
I take the blindfold off please?" You begged, body still trembling from your orgasm.

Masky hesitated slightly, but did agree to your request. Just as you reached behind
you to take the blindfold off light had flooded into the room. You heard a few gasps
and blinked behind the blindfold. "Huh?" You mumbled, pulling it off and seeing Jeff
and Hoody standing in the hallway outside of the closet.

Your eyes widened and you quickly covered yourself with your shirt. Masky had already
put his mask back on, and was putting his jacket on as you turned to him.
"Damn, Masky, you're into some kinky shit.." Jeff remarked and you leaned
forward to slam the door in the killer's face so you could get dressed.
You put all of your clothes back on and reopened the door. Masky stood up
and held your hand as you two walked out.

He sat down on the couch and pulled you into his lap, nuzzling your neck. "Sorry
about that.." He muttered, and you sighed, contently. "It's okay, as long as I get
to see your face later tonight.." You said, and giggled softly. Masky smirked and
nibbled on your ear gently, making you shiver. "I'll show you much more than
just my face tonight, ___~" He said huskily, making your face turn about 50 shades
of red.
Warning: Explicit lemon
I need to stop afgdkghjds

I need to learn that I'm really not good at writing dammit
Why do I still try D|
ohwell uh anyway..
Raddaraddda, you know the drill. xD
Poorly written sex scenes ahead, beware e3e

:'D I-i really didn't mean to make this one so short adgjlkfsd
I'm so sorry to anyone who actually reads it
gdi why am i still making these
*rolls away in shame* ;v;

Enjoy teh bad literature |D
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